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by Martín Loyato

Released 2017
Syncretism Records
Released 2017
Syncretism Records
It is an electro-acoustic experimental ambient album that includes an international group of brilliant musicians from Argentina, Australia, Germany, Greece, Korea, Lebanon, Spain and USA. The instrumentation is a mixture of oriental and western instrument
Rooted in the Jazz language of improvisation, I try to create a personal, self-standing form of music that excludes any categories, created from the blending of multiple musical elements and from diverse cultures. My music is a mixture of simple and complex structures that moves from strict forms to complete freedom: making the texture of the music embody an imaginative development of sounds that originates from the moaning of indigenous flutes, screaming trumpet, oriental spices, to experimental electronic sounds. These sound-colors are in many ways interlinked giving the work an atmospheric landscape story.

I aim to compose music that somehow represents the interconnectedness of all of us regardless of race, combining music in the same way we blend with each other in everyday life, encompassing the ranges of emotional aspects, both joyful and painful. These fusion collages of styles draw me nearer to other people from different places and backgrounds. Understanding other cultural values through music enables me to emit through musical sounds: sympathy, compassion and love for all mankind.

Martín Loyato


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