Martín Loyato

– composer, trumpeter, improviser, poet, conductor, educator and visual artist – was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.He completed his early studies at the Conservatory Superior of Music in Buenos Aires, received his B.F.A. in Composition and Trumpet Performance at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), and a Ph.D. in Composition at The State University of New York, Stony Brook. He studied trumpet with Arturo Sandoval, Edward Carroll, Eric Aubier, Howie Shear, Bill Bing, Gabriel Archilla and Osvaldo Lacunza, and has studied with composers such as Stephen Lucky Mosko, Anne Lebaron, Wadada Leo Smith, Ivo Medek, Bunita Marcus, Peter Winkler, Daria Semegen, and Sheila Silver. 


As a trumpet player, Dr. Loyato has shared the stage with such notable artists as Arturo Sandoval, Poncho Sanchez, Yusef Lateef, Ray Anderson, Wadada Leo Smith, Charles Davis, and iconic Lebanese composer and writer renowned throughout the Middle East and beyond Ziad Rahbani, among others. Martín was invited to perform in the First Latin Grammys in 2000.


In 2003, Dr. Loyato conducted under Pierre Boulez for the Ojai Music Festival in California. He has performed with numerous orchestras around the world and has composed and performed concert works for electro-acoustic, dance, theater, choral, orchestra and chamber ensembles, as well as music for television features and advertisements.


Among many private commissions from Europe, New Zealand, Asia, North and South America, he has been commissioned to write a children’s musical, En el Fondo de Mar, to benefit poor children in Buenos Aires. He has received a number of awards for his compositions. In 2003 he was invited by the Janacek Academy in Czech Republic to participate in an international performance and composition workshop for percussion. The renowned Penderecki Quartet selected his string quartet Allí Buenos Aires in 2004 for a performance workshop discussing and demonstrating the latest in writing for strings. Celestial Spheres, a multi-media piece notated graphically for forty musicians, was premiered at CalArts in 2005. This piece is published in the book Notations 21 an anthology of innovative musical notation by Theresa Sauer. In 2016 another Loyato’s graphic score was featured in a book published in Spain called Partituras graficas y graficos musicales circulares en el Arte Contemporaneo (1950-2010) (Circular Graphic Scores: Between Time and Space), BRAC – Universitat de Barcelona by Spanish visual artist Marina Buj.


His anthology of poetry, Helechos del Alma, was published in Argentina in 2006 and K-ro Suite Poética de Seis Pétalos (Limited Edition) in 2012.


2010 marked the release of his first solo album, Syncretism, in which he explores the colors of the Indonesian Gamelan orchestra, Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms, big band, electronics, jazz and poetry.


2017 marked the release of his second solo album Involution. An electro-acoustic experimental ambient album that features an international group of 30 brilliant musicians from Argentina, Australia, Germany, Greece, Korea, Lebanon, Spain and USA. The orchestration is a mixture of Eastern and Western instruments, electronics, vocals and a youth choir.


2019 marked the release of Martín’s third solo album Cinematic Tales, which includes award-winning string quartet composition Alli Buenos Aires among orchestra, chamber, piano and electronic music pieces. Involving world-class musicians from Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Lebanon, Korea, and United States.


His last performances covered Argentina, USA, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Singapore, China, Lebanon, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Turkey. He was awarded as an artist in residence at Seaside Institute in Florida in 2010, for the program Escape to Create “A Celebration of Art, Life and Community”, and in 2012 at Pedra Sina Residence in Madeira Island, Portugal.


As an educator, during the period of four years Dr. Loyato was part of Morton Subotnick’s educational and research team in Los Angeles, California, contributing to the development of a series of music softwares and programs that introduce music and technology to children of all age. Later he moved to New York for eight years to pursue his PhD in Composition at Stony Brook University where he also taught. In 2013 joined the Department of Communication Arts at the Lebanese American University in Beirut as an Assistant Professor in the School of Arts and Sciences, where he is currently teaching, theory, music history, music technology, composition and direct an experimental interdisciplinary ensemble. In addition, he has been one of the main pillars to developed the curriculum for the first BA in Performing Arts not only in Lebanon, but also in the region, and today the degree has been accredited as well in USA.